What You Can Do

There are so many ways you can take action to improve our creeks on your own, with your neighbors, in your communities, or with us!

Volunteer as a TTF Ambassador, Streamkeeper or Tacony Creek Park Keeper, or at a cleanup or planting. Attend one of our workshops, in person or online. Make an annual donation or become a monthly donor.

Share your voice with state, county, and federal officials about the need for clean water funding and safeguards. Join your local Environmental Advisory Council to study issues and advise local government officials about decisions impacting our environment.

man and a woman holding a plant
a woman and 2 men with a rain barrel

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels store rainwater where it falls and holds it so that it can be released in drier weather. This helps prevent sewer systems from overflowing and polluting our waterways. The stored water can then be used to water gardens and lawns or wash patio furniture and cars.

TTF watershed


Plant a native tree! Trees bring benefits to the community including shade, increased property values and peace of mind. Trees protect our watershed and its residents by cleaning the air and water, reducing flooding and energy usage, and moderating temperatures.




Convert your lawn into a meadow! Meadows have lots of benefits including reduced costs for you and healthier creeks for all of us through improved management of polluted runoff.

stream smart

Native Plants

If you live near a creek, plant a buffer of native plants or install a rain garden that cleans and slows pollution before it reaches the creek! We can work with you through our Stream Smart program.

Help our watershed thrive

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