7771 Washington Lane
Elkins Park, PA 19027

Tree Plantings

Lynnewood Gardens and La Mott are two of the older neighborhoods in Cheltenham Township where older mature street trees were removed because of disease and/or conflicts with the overhead utilities. However, trees were never replaced and the neighborhoods and homeowners experienced an increase in stormwater runofff and a need of re-greening. With community revitalization funds from Montgomery County, 200 new street trees were planted in Lynnewood Gardens and 105 trees were planted in La Mott. Adding additional tree canopy in public spaces meets the Township’s Watershed Management Plan and Open Space Plan recommendations.



  • Non point-source pollution control
  • Increased habitat for native fauna
  • Increased property values in older residential neighborhoods
  • Increased release of oxygen and absorbtion of carbon dioxide to freshen the air we breathe
  • Removal of ozone and other air pollutants