Programs are how we connect our watershed constituents to creeks, each other, and our mission to improve our shared watershed. Our programs incorporate environmental education, stewardship, restoration, and advocacy…as well as science and fun.

We create programs based on your ideas and input.

    • Cleanup Kits
    • Bilingual Bird Walks

We develop and provide programs with lots of different partners.

    • Jenkintown Creek Restoration
    • Soak It Up Adoption

We work to ensure that our programs incorporate art, health, history, and environmental justice.

    • Love Our Park!
    • Tacony Creek Park Oral Histories

And every year, we celebrate our watershed heroes through our annual Watershed Milestones Award Ceremony & Reception. We recognize outstanding individuals, educators, public leaders, youth, non-profit organizations, and businesses from all across our watershed.  This event is an opportunity to thank our Partner Alliance, network, and raise funds for TTF.

We want to hear from you!

TTF Watershed
Love our park murals
Rasheeda Murphy

Connecting to Our Watershed

Our watershed was created by Mother Nature. Its waterways form a green ribbon across our developed landscape, flowing through neighborhoods and across municipal boundaries. We drive on bridges over creeks we barely notice. Many of…

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What is Stewardship? Stewardship is a long word that simply means taking care of something. We think stewardship is so important that it’s part of our mission…to take care the watershed in which we live…

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What is the #1 Source of Watershed Pollution? Stormwater runoff! Runoff is the rain that carries chemicals, trash, and other materials over land and into storm drains, dumping into our creeks, streams, and rivers. This…

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Tacony Creek Park

Tacony Creek Park is the only publicly accessible stretch of our creek within the Philadelphia portion of our watershed. This 300-acre park, managed by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, is one of the city’s five watershed…

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Education about water challenges and solutions is central to our work. All of our activities and major initiatives incorporate knowledge sharing, whether hands-on or online. Our goal is to provide information plus inspiration so that…

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