Education about water challenges and solutions is central to our work. All of our activities and major initiatives incorporate knowledge sharing, whether hands-on or online. Our goal is to provide information plus inspiration so that our constituents can become Ambassadors for clean water!

TTF Creek mobile


The Creekmobile is our environmental education tool to bring fun, watershed-education activities to the Tacony Creek Park trail and community events. It’s a cargo-bicycle (think tricycle with a big box on the front) that staff ride along the Tacony Creek Park trail. We’ve loaded it up with all sorts of fun activities and community resources. When it reaches its destination, it transforms into a pop-up watershed education classroom. Visitors can learn about the creek, the plants and animals that call it home, and ways that we all can help protect this amazing resource.

TTF Watershed volunteers planting trees

Our Projects

Visit our projects, which all serve as outdoor classrooms. Many of these sites provide signs about the project and how it works. Some of these sites are part our Bring Us Along Virtual Tour series. Projects have been recognized by the Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Philadelphia Department of Environmental Protection, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia.

TTF watershed cleanup

Cleanups and Plantings

Our cleanups, plantings, and maintenance programs provide an opportunity for people of all ages and skills to learn about our watershed’s challenges and what we can all do to make a difference. You’ll learn about native and invasive plants, creek history, and the wildlife we see around us. What’s runoff? What’s GSI? Attending or hosting a volunteer program is one way to find out.

Storm Drain Marking is a valuable educational tool. Your family, friends, or students will learn first-hand about the street to creek connection by canvassing and attaching storm drain markers that warn: “Yo! No Dumping! Drains to River.”

students at ttf watershed

For Teachers

Get your students involved in our Streamkeeper program! Help us gather valuable data throughout our watershed by being the eyes and ears of the creek, taking photos and completing information forms. Contact us to discuss field trips and resources.

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