What is the #1 Source of Watershed Pollution?

Stormwater runoff! Runoff is the rain that carries chemicals, trash, and other materials over land and into storm drains, dumping into our creeks, streams, and rivers. This runoff hurts everything from plants and wildlife…to the banks of our streams…to the water we drink.


The goal of our restoration work is to restore the health of our streams by controlling runoff. We do this work across our watershed, but with a special focus on the Jenkintown Creek and Shoemaker Run areas, through our participation in the Delaware River Watershed Initiative. We install Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), which uses plants and soil – when rain soaks into the ground, it is cleaned where it falls. GSI slows down and filters runoff while creating habitat and green spaces within our communities.

GSI includes buffers, land next to streams planted with native trees, shrubs, and grasses. Buffers provide wildlife habitat and cool streams, too. We install rain gardens and bioswales, shallow gardens that store runoff from parking lots and roofs. We restore streambanks, naturalize streams, and create wetlands.

ttf watershed

Below is an interactive map of our stormwater infrastructure projects – click on the dots for more information!

TTF Watershed

Located across our watershed, from Jenkintown to Germantown to Olney, and neighborhoods in between, these projects are in parks and at schools, and serve as outdoor classrooms for people of all ages. Some of these projects are even in residential backyards!

These projects are only possible because of the investment and cooperation of our landowner partners:

  • Abington Club
  • Abington Friends School
  • Abington School District
  • Abington Township
  • Cheltenham Township
  • Congregation Adath Jeshurun
  • Lindy Communities
  • Manor College
  • School District of Cheltenham Township
  • Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
  • Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel
  • The Sisters of Saint Basil the Great
  • ...and individual homeowners.

Projects have been recognized by the Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia.

Our funders include: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Philadelphia Committee of the Garden Club of America, Philadelphia Water Department, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Aqua, Pennslyvania Department of Environmental Protection, Montgomery County and TreeVitalize.

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Join us in supporting a thriving watershed and community.

We believe that healthy watersheds support healthy communities and we need your help! Find ways to get involved.

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