Stream Smart

Do you live along a creek? Do you wonder about the options you could take on your property to improve the health of our creeks?

Our Stream Smart program was designed just for people like you!

Homeowners can play a big role in reducing polluted runoff from our property. Over half of all land use in our watershed is residential. Runoff carries pollution, such as pet waste, fertilizer, sediment, and oil and gas from vehicles into our creeks. We need everyone to help improve the health and vitality of our watershed. The Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF) Stream Smart program offers recommendations and assistance in securing funding for projects to beautify properties, clean water, and prevent flooding.
Stream Smart is a collaborative effort among the suburban Philadelphia watershed organizations that are part of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative to tackle stormwater runoff from the residential properties that make up most of our area’s land. Stream Smart was funded by a Delaware River Restoration Fund Grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.
*The funding for this program ended in 2022. However, TTF has chosen to continue offering property assessments across the watershed.
What kind of projects are suggested?
Rain gardens, bioswales, downspout planter boxes, rain barrels, and native trees are the tools suggested to homeowners in specified areas of the watershed.
How much does it cost?
Property assessments are free. If we identify a project you would like to move forward with, TTF can pursue small grant sources for certain types of projects and costs. Some costs will likely need to be covered by the homeowner. TTF can help identify contractors and source plant material.

Check out our video in partnership with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. A suburban Philadelphia family conquers a problem driveway with help from the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership and the Stream Smart program:

TTF Watershed volunteers planting trees

Join us in supporting a thriving watershed and community.

We believe that healthy watersheds support healthy communities and we need your help! Find ways to get involved.

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