“Tacony Creek” music composition by Professor Randy Gibson

Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF) and Olney Culture Lab of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia (OCL) are proud to present work by local artists who took on the task of learning about Tacony Creek Park and its role as a green public space in the urban setting of Philadelphia. TTF and OCL hope that neighborhoods next to Tacony Creek Park can gain a greater awareness of this natural resource right next door and support its ongoing revitalization. The music featured in this slideshow is an original composition written by Professor Randy Gibson. The song is entitled “Tacony Creek”. It was Professor’s artistic response to an invitation for local artists to creatively engage with Tacony Creek Park. Aerial footage accompanying this song was shot by David Xiao and edited by Ambrose Liu of Olney Culture Lab. This project was funded by the Joseph Robert Foundation.

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