In this section, you’ll find resources to learn more about stormwater management, including rain barrels, rain gardens, green roofs, and tree planting.

Green Roof Resources:

Building Green TV: Intro to Green Roofs: Watch this short video on the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center’s awesome and highly-beneficial green-roofing project for some ideas on how green roofs can improve even urban environments. Everything about green roofs, from news to products to pictures to jobs!

The Making of a Green Roof: Watch a short video about how PECO is setting an example for other companies in Philadelphia to “greenify” their roofs.

Native Bird Habitat Resources:

Pennsylvania Audubon Society: Check out news and events about bird habitats in Pennsylvania and find out how you can get involved.

Pennsylvania Plant-Bird Database: Find out how to attract specific birds to your yard by using this database that matches birds to the plants that they like best.

Native Plant Resources:

Invasive Plants Atlas of the United States: Use this handy guide to choose native plants for your rain garden.

My Plant ID: Use this website to post photos of your unidentified plants or help others to identify theirs by location or plant name.

NativeBrowser: This website offers a free, web-based tool that lets you input key site conditions to create a customized list of native plant species suitable for the specified growing conditions.

Native Plant Society of New Jersey: Read for NPJNS events, news, and information.

Native Plants of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Parks and Recreation): View PDFs of the native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, ferns, grasses, sedges and rushes of Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania Native Plant Society: Click to browse the society’s news, information, and events or to become a member.

The PLANTS Database: Everything you ever wanted to know about plants in the United States.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: The web-version or PDF of the Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping brochure with additional links.

Rain Barrel Resources:

TTF’s Rain Barrel Brochure [.pdf]: Learn all about TTF’s work with rain barrels!

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Rain Barrel Instructional Video: After watching this short video, you will have the skills to make a rain barrel for yourself and be able to teach all your friends how to do it!

Garden Simply: Make Your Own Rain Barrel: This how-to guide includes what tools you need, plus tips for the effective use of a rain barrel you can make for about $20.

HGTV: How to Build a Rain Barrel: Paul James from Water Wise shows you how to save the on-average 40% of household water that Americans use on their yards in the summer months by building a rain barrel.

Rain Garden Resources:

TTF’s Rain Garden Brochure [.pdf]: Learn about our Vernon Park Rain Garden and how you can build a rain garden of your own!

The Low Impact Development Center: Click to learn more about the new, comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach that keeps the natural watersheds in mind.

Penn State Agricultural Analytical Services Lab: Find out how you can locally submit soil or other agricultural samples for analysis.

Philadelphia Water Department: Backyard Buffer Program: For property owners situated along a waterway, this program aspires to enhance the habitat surrounding our water sources, stabilize our creeks to protect against erosion, beautify backyards, and improve the water quality of our creeks.

Plants for Stormwater Design: A manual for urban landscape designers, installation practitioners, and stormwater managers who want to improve stormwater treatment and management practices by using native plants.

Rain Gardens: A How-To Manual for Homeowners [.pdf]: A PDF of the benefits of and tips for creating successful rain gardens.

Rutgers NJ Agricultural Experiment Station, Water Resources Program: Learn more about Rutgers as they are creating solutions for water resources issues in New Jersey.

Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership: Find out what Villanova’s researching on stormwater issues and sustainable engineering.

Tree Planting Resources:

Cornell University Community Forestry Program: A clearinghouse for information to help communities manage their urban trees.

The International Society of Arboriculture: Information about trees for tree owners, arborists, ISA members, and planners and developers.

National Arbor Day Foundation: Learn about the foundation that inspires people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.

PA Trees: The Tree Resource Guide: THE tree resource guide for Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society: Find out more about news and events for the society. Includes Tree Tenders Program and how-to videos.

Philadelphia’s Parks System: Street Tree Information: Fairmount Park’s site on street trees and how to get one.

Pruning Trees: A Step-by-Step Guide: Why trees need pruning and how you can grow the most healthy trees.

Trees Are Good: This educational website provides the general public with quality tree care information.

Tree Link: All the reasons why you should plant a tree for the urban environment.

TreeVitalize: Learn more about the partnership to restore tree cover to Pennsylvania.

University of Florida IFAS: Pruning Shade Trees in Landscapes: A trove of resources for why pruning is important and how to do it properly.