AIA, Partner, Campbell Thomas & Co. and President, Philadelphia Parks Alliance

Robert Thomas

Bob Thomas is a founding partner of Campbell Thomas & Co. Architects, a firm founded in 1976 and noted for historic preservation, energy conscious design, community development, greenways, accessible design and appropriate technology. Bob has led numerous architectural, planning, greenway, solar, bicycle and public transportation projects and has worked with such agencies as the Fairmount Park Commission, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and the Montgomery County Planning Commission. In addition to his architectural skills, Mr. Thomas previously worked as a planner for SEPTA, and has worked on the Philadelphia Zoo Transportation Center. His knowledge and use of public transportation is invaluable in planning sites to be accessible to all sectors of the population. In recognition of his achievements and advocacy for accessibility, he was served as Chair of the City of Philadelphia’s Accessibility Advisory Board for 12 years. In this capacity he has reviewed over 800 projects, assisting in the development of innovative solutions to meet the spirit of the code and law, thus resulting in the 1997 President’s Access Award. Bob was a co-founding Board member of the Philadelphia Parks Alliance, and currently serves as President.

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