Stream Bank Stabilization, Invasive Species Removal, Native Plantings, Pedestrian Trail

In accordance with the Tookany Creek Watershed Management Plan, Cheltenham Township is implementing a 15-year project to improve all 15 stream miles that are within the Township. To date, their most extensive work is a four million dollar stream bank restoration with a pedestrian walking trail along Tookany Creek Parkway.

Phase 1. Stream Bank Stabilization: Since spring 2003, the Township has stabilized ±3,700 linear feet of the Tookany Creek along the Parkway. Wooden poles were secured horizontally against the banks to prevent further erosion from flooding, and to provide a stable base for new native plants to grow. In fall 2007, the Township was granted an additional $200,000 to help stabilize another ±2,700 contiguous feet along the Parkway.

Phase 2. Invasive Species Removal: Invasive plants and trees were removed from the stream banks and creek edges to make room for native plants to thrive.

Phase 3. Native Plantings: Along the stream edge, volunteers planted a 15 foot-wide buffer of native plants whose long root systems help keep soil in place and resist erosion. Lush streamside vegetation helps filter out pollutants and trash before they reach the waterway, and provides food and habitat for fish and wildlife.

Phase 4. Pedestrian Trail. A new 2.2-mile, pedestrian walking trail, three new pedestrian footbridges, educational signs and new park landscaping enhance public enjoyment of this spectacular linear scenic greenway adjacent to the main stem of the Tookany Creek.



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