Schools can help improve the watershed health while simultaneously providing educational opportunities to students.

Download the Philadelphia Water Department’s Guide to Stormwater Management on School Campuses to see what you can do on your campus!

Schools can also get involved by participating in a service learning event. Contact Alix Howard at or 215.844.8100.

TTF has also compiled a collection of teaching tools for local educators, including watershed education organizations, lesson plans and activities, videos, and a glossary of watershed terms.

Water Education Curricula, Lesson Plans and Activities:

Eco Express: This website provides videos and standards-aligned activities to get K-12 students more involved with their environment.

EPA: The Water Sourcebooks: Access a collection of sourcebooks with 324 activities for K-12 about water, drinking water and waste management, surface and ground water resources, and wetlands and coastal waters.

City of San Diego: Excuse Me, Is this the Way to the Drainpipe? [.pdf]: A printable article for K-6 students on water management.

City of San Diego: Sewage In Your Face!: Get the ick factor on this interactive website!

EFMR Monitoring Group, Inc.: Marcellus Shale: Natural Gas Energy [.pdf]: Extensive lesson plans for grades 1-12 about natural gas and the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania.

Girl Scouts Water Drop Patch Project: Learn more about the Girl Scouts Water Drop Patch (grades 2-12), earned by learning about water issues and getting involved in community projects.

National Geographic Xpeditions: Can We Keep the Lake Clean?: A lesson plan for K-2 which aims to explore how human actions modify the environment.

National Wildlife Federation: Schoolyard Habitats: Various lesson plans for K-7 in the categories of Habitat, Wildlife, Conservation, and Ecosystems.

New York State Thruway Authority & Canal Corp: Connecting the Drops [.pdf]: A PDF for young students to color, unscramble words, complete a word search, and learn about keeping water clean.

NOAA: Water Cycle Game: : A downloadable online game about the water cycle

Overbrook Environmental Education Curriculum: View the Overbrook Environmental Education Center of JASTECH’s curriculum for PA Coastal Zone Management Program.

Penn State Cooperative Extension: Discovery Watersheds: Click here for more links on watersheds for students.

POV Borders Picture Project: Water: A cross-curricular lesson plan on water for grades 9-12.

Project WET: A comprehensive watersheds curriculum for pre-K to grade 12.

W.A.T.E.R.: Watershed Activities to Encourage Restoration: Click for seasonal projects to get kids involved with water environment restoration projects.

Wind Cave National Park: Water in the Environment Curriculum: Explore this hydrology unit for 9-12 graders complete with activities.

Watershed History and Background Materials:

EPA: Watersheds Home: Each of us shares a water supply with our community and by surfing this EPA website, we can all learn a few ways in which to better navigate and support that watershed, be it a stream, river, lake, or the ocean.

Food & Water Watch: This organization strives to make sure food, water and fish are safe, accessible and sustainably produced by protecting the environment, pushing government to do their part and educating others about the importance of keeping resources under public control.

Philly H2O: The History of Philadelphia’s Watersheds and Sewers: Browse Adam Levine’s compilation of history of Philadelphia’s water management systems since the late 1800s.

TTF’s Glossary of Watershed Terms: Every term you need to know to be informed about watersheds and their management.


Blue Gold: World Water Wars: Learn more about this riveting movie on the world’s next big resource of conflict: water.

Eco Express: This website provides videos and standards-aligned activities to get K-12 students more involved with their environment.

Flow: For Love of Water begs the question, “Can anyone really own water?” Click for more information and a preview of the film. Storytelling for the purpose of inspiring communities and individuals to action for a sustainable lifestyle.

Frontline: Poisoned Waters: Through FRONTLINE’s website you can watch the documentary, get involved in discussion, and learn more. Includes curriculum guide for grades 9-12. Also see our blog post about the film.

Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure: This initiative includes a 90-minute documentary and a community tool kit for educating people about how critical our water infrastructure is. Includes curriculum guide for grades 6-12.

StormwaterPA: : This blog encourages communities to work together to establish better stormwater management practices. Also includes a video series on Green City, Clean Waters.

Local Environmental/Watershed Education Organizations and Programs:

Awbury Arboretum: Discover everything Awbury has to offer in education programs; also come check out the beautiful Francis Cope House where the TTF offices are located!

Earth Force: Find out more about what this organization is doing, working with over 2,500 students and 80 teachers in 50 schools in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Fairmount Waterworks Interpretive Center: Visit here to find out all about Philadelphia’s amazing water history and more!

Overbrook Environmental Education Center: Click here to fill out a volunteer application, discover the OEEC’s curriculum and goals for a systematic relationship between the community, economy and environment, and to learn more about the history of Philadelphia’s sewer and drainage system.

Penn State Cooperative Extension: This website is a trove of resources in the categories of Production Agriculture, Energy & Natural Resources, and Home & Family issues.

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation: Check out the environmental educational services that Philadelphia Parks and Rec has to offer!

Project Flow: Learn more about this six-week summer program for soon-to-be ninth grade students in the Philadelphia area who will explore water issues as artists, scientists, historians, and social activists.

Schuylkill Center: Explore this environmental education center’s featured programs, upcoming events, recent news and mission statement.

Senior Environmental Corps, Center in the Park: Find out how these active seniors are conserving, preserving and improving the environment and how you can help!