Glenside Planting Update

Julie Slavet
May 4, 2009

We’ve made some really great progress cutting back invasive plants and planting native ones (with the help of 75 fourth graders) at Glenside Elementary School. Two weeks ago, over 30 volunteers removed invasive vines and bushes overrunning the area. Lat week, Glenside Elementary students, PTO members and local volunteers planted over 400 native trees and shrubs. At the end of the project, an educational sign and seating area will be installed for student use.

The planting project will improve the health of the creek while providing students with hands-on learning about watershed ecology and protection. Over 5000 square feet of lawn grass along the fence by the creek will be replaced with native trees, shrubs and grasses. These plantings will provide a much-needed buffer between the lawn and the creek. Native plants help absorb stormwater to slow flooding, prevent erosion of the creek’s banks, and keep fertilizers, salt, trash and other pollutants out of the creek’s waters. Native plants also provide important habitat for birds, fish, and other native wildlife crucial to the ecosystem.

Here’s a picture of some of the awesome volunteers from our invasives removal.

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