Must-Read Article Explains the Green City, Clean Waters Plan

Julie Slavet
Oct 4, 2009

Sandy Bauer’s article in last week’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Breaking Ground with a 1.6 Billion Plan to Tame Water (article no longer available), does a fantastic job of explaining the Philadelphia Water Department’s Green City, Clean Waters Plan. Here at TTF, we are thrilled to be a partner on one of the first blocks to participate in the program: the 6300 Block of Ross Street.

Reverend Chester Williams, a great friend and partner of TTF, was quoted in the article:

“I love it,” said the Rev. Chester Williams, president of the Chew and Bellfield Neighborhood Club. In his view, what’s not to like about cleaner air, cooler houses, and prettier streets?

“We’re just praying that it moves a little faster,” he said.

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