6300 Block of Ross Street Gets Green Design Plan

Julie Slavet
Oct 7, 2009

This past Saturday, October 3rd, another exciting meeting was held on the 6300 block of Ross Street where the Philadelphia Water Department presented residents with the design for their new green street.

Ross Street has a high point in the middle of the block, causing water to cascade down toward both ends of the block where it meets with Washington or Duval. In order to best capture stormwater the PWD plans to place street tree trenches at all four corners of the block. A tree trench captures the flow of stormwater from the street and sidewalk, letting water soak slowly back into the soil. They are also offering to plant trees on the property of anyone who is interested. Street trees provide shade, improve air quality, reduce storm water runoff, absorb noise, raise property values and beautify neighborhoods.

Installation is projected to begin this coming Summer (2010).  For more information, contact us.

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