Fred Lewis in Grid Magazine

Julie Slavet
Oct 14, 2009

We were so thrilled to discover that the cover story of this month’s Grid magazine features TTF Board Member and friend, Fred Lewis. We’ve written about Fred’s wonderful work with the Senior Environment Corps at Center in the Park here before.

You can read the article online here or download the .pdf. Or, you can pick up a hard copy in person. You can find out where to find copies here.

From the article:

The group’s dedication to the environment is obvious to anyone who spends any time with the members. They are eager to give back to their community, a city where many have raised children and grandchildren, and worked lifetimes in public service and the private sector.

“It gives the volunteers a chance to feel they are doing something that is helpful to the community,” says Lewis. “Generally, when people retire, they look for things that will satisfy their interests. But with water monitoring, you get to do something for the community. It keeps you mentally and physically involved.”

Despite arthritis and two knee replacements, Lewis is more involved than ever with environmental causes. When the octogenarian’s not out in the field climbing up and down rocky river banks and trudging through rain and snow with his test tubes and ph strips, he’s active in almost a dozen other organizations and boards of directors including the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Wissahickon Watershed, Water Department Advisory Council, Retired Seniors Volunteer Program and the Delaware Estuary, to name just a few.

His energy is contagious. “We are always encouraging people to come join us,” he says. “The only real requirement is that they be over 55. We’ll teach them everything they need to know. All they have to do is care about the environment.”

Way to go, Fred and the Senior Environment Corps!

Also, make sure to check out the another water-related article in this issue of Grid, “High Water,” which explores the issue of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water.

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