PECO Green Roof Tour

Julie Slavet
Oct 14, 2009

On Tuesday evening, TTF staff attended a tour of PECO’s green roof. The event was hosted by PHS Young Friends, a group designed to connect adults under the age of 40 with a common interest in sustainability and greening in the Philadelphia region.

On the tour, we heard about PECO’s stance on sustainability, the various benefits of the new green roof and PECO’s partnership with the Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS).

As part of PECO’s commitment to sustainability, the company considers environmental impacts in the planning of all renovations or modifications to their physical structures. Therefore, when the roof of the PECO headquarters at 23rd and Market was in need of replacement, it was decided that installing a green roof was the environmentally responsible answer.

On the tour, we learned that Philadelphia gets approximately 41 inches of rain per year. One and a half million gallons of that rain fall on the roof of the PECO headquarters. The new green roof retains between 60 and 70 percent of that rain, depending on the season. This is a huge success in the efforts to alleviate Philadelphia’s stormwater problem.

The vegetation on the roof also lowers the temperature of the roof by 60 to 80 degrees in the summer, lessens heating and cooling costs of the building and provides habitat for a variety of birds and insects. Not only does the roof target many environmental issues it also provides a beautiful space to enjoy gorgeous views of our city. Check out these incredible pictures!

For more information about stormwater and green roofs listen to this great WHYY program with Howard Neukrug. According to Howard, Philadelphia second in the nation when it comes to green roofs, right behind Chicago.

PHS will continue to work with PECO to provide educational opportunities about PECO’s sustainability efforts. If you are interested in touring the roof, check back in the spring with  PHS for tour dates.

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