Opportunity for Northwest Philadelphia Residents to Win $600 in Energy-Saving Devices!

Julie Slavet
Feb 26, 2010

The Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corporation (OARC) launches contest asking neighbors to fill out “What Now? Survey” on energy conservation
Aiming to lead a “Go Green” revolution in city’s Northwest section, OARC is launching an energy-conservation contest for Northwest Philadelphia residents that will provide the winner and his or her neighbors with installation of energy-saving devices worth as much as $600.
OARC will launch its “What Now Survey?” essay contest on February 15th asking participants to describe how they would handle an energy disaster such as the shutdown of electricity grids throughout the northeastern United States, followed by the loss of public utilities such as water, gas and telephone service. Entry deadline is April 15th.

Submissions must be type-written and limited to 100 words per questions, and will be judged by a panel of OARC and PECO representatives based on how creative, realistic and financially resourceful they are.
The contest winner will receive a starter home energy retrofit that includes installation of interior and exterior energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs, automatic thermostats, low flow showerheads, water-saving aerators for sinks and faucets throughout their home and a complete home energy audit administered by Top Quality Home Services.
In addition, the winner’s block and block association may be eligible to participate in a future OARC sponsored Urban Energy Conservation Block Party. The estimated value of the energy retrofit for the prizewinner is $500-$600.  “For the nation and world to succeed in reducing our carbon footprint, conserving energy must begin at home,” said Jack Kitchen, OARC’s President and CEO. “There are small steps we as citizens can take to not only preserve natural resources but also protect our individual financial costs.”
Participants must reside in the following zip codes – 19119, 19150, 19138, 19126 and 19144 – to be eligible for the contest. Interested participants can obtain the contest rules and guidelines on the OARC website at www.oarcphilly.org, and by calling the OARC offices at 215-549-9462.
“We hope this contest will help people realize that little acts of conservation can greatly impact their lives as well as the greater good,” said Kitchen. “Demand on our current infrastructures must be reduced.”
OARC’s Urban Energy Conservation Program and Block Parties are supported through a partnership with PECO, Home Depot, Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia Gas Works, PGW, TTF Watershed, Top Quality Home Services, ECA, The City of Philadelphia, Utility Emergency Services Fund, Foundations, Inc., and other energy service providers.

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