Snow Management Advice from the DEP

Julie Slavet
Feb 26, 2010

Our friends at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection have sent a timely reminder about snow removal and its connection to our waterways. Download the fact sheet [.pdf] — it will make you think! Here’s a sample:

What is the best way to manage snow accumulation on streets, highways, and parking lots and protect the environment?
The most environmentally sound manner to deal with accumulated snow is to allow it to slowly melt where it falls. This approach provides replenishment of groundwater and a slow, steady flow or snow melt to streams and other surface waters.

What’s an environmentally acceptable way to deal with snow and satisfy our transportation needs?
The standard approach to providing reasonably clear and safe roads during and after snowfalls or other frozen precipitation events is to apply road deicing chemicals, followed by plowing.
Environmentally responsible snow management includes the following:
• Controlling the amount of deicing chemicals applied to recommended levels
• Avoiding application of deicers close to streams and other surface waters and ground water drinking water sources
• Plowing or removing and transporting the snow to areas where it can be allowed to melt with minimal impact on resources.

For more information, visit, keyword: Snow Removal.

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