Help Save the PHS Vacant Land Program

Julie Slavet
Jul 14, 2010

Here at TTF, we are extremely committed to turning vacant lots into community spaces — especially gardens that can help manage stormwater! So we really, really do not want to see the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s vacant land program disappear. Read on for the bad news, courtesy of the Next Great City newsletter, and what you can do to help!


Philadelphians instinctively know, and research shows, that a well cared for lot is better for communities than a neglected one. That’s why Next Great City identified cleaning and greening vacant lots as one of our ten action recommendations for the city. And Philadelphia residents and business owners agree.

Next Great City coalition partner, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), is a national leader in vacant land stabilization.

PHS’s vacant land program has cleaned and greened thousands of vacant parcels in Philadelphia, creating well-managed open space for communities to enjoy and attracting private investment. But now, because of a significantly reduced city budget, $2.4 million in funding for PHS’s vacant land program, which supports community revitalization and employs more than 300 people in full- and part-time green jobs, is on the chopping block.

While these are difficult times, cutting funding to this program will hurt neighborhoods and remove a vital tool for economic development.

Please contact Mayor Nutter today to urge him to continue his support for the valuable work PHS is doing to revitalize our city one vacant lot at a time. Don’t delay, email the Mayor at or call the Mayor’s Office at 215-686-2181.

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