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Julie Slavet
Jul 15, 2010

Yesterday we wrote about some budget decisions that affect the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Vacant Land Stabilization Program. Today, we have an update from PHS President Drew Becher, and John Ball, Chair of the PHS Council:

A few days ago we asked for your help in encouraging the City of Philadelphia to continue funding the PHS vacant land program. You responded with hundreds of e-mails and phone calls to Mayor Nutter, and we are very grateful for your passion and loyalty.
We learned on Wednesday that the $2.4 million funding at stake was not eliminated; however $849,000, or 35 percent, was cut from the vacant land program.
In coming days and weeks, we will decide on the best use of the $1.56 million that we will receive. We do know that the reduction means no new lots will be stabilized in Philadelphia. There will also be a reduction in maintenance of existing lots, as well as a reduction in the full- and part-time green jobs that maintain the land. The impact on the neighborhoods that have been transformed through the vacant land program will be considerable.
That said, please know that your support and outreach made a huge difference in the outcome of this program, which contributes so much to the quality of life, environment, and economy of the city.
This effort is not over, and we will continue to urge the city to restore this funding. You can send a letter to the Mayor by using this link to the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance website: click here.

If you haven’t already, please click on the link above and show your support for vacant land transformation projects in Philadelphia!

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