TTF Adopted Electronic Waste Code of Ethics at Recycling Drive

Julie Slavet
Dec 8, 2010

With the incredible swimmer/activist Christopher Swain and a fantastic crew of committed volunteers, TTF collected 8,337 pounds of electronic waste at Cedarbrook Middle School last weekend in spite of fierce winds and freezing temperatures. It will be processed in accordance with the highest and most comprehensive set of standards in the world.

In addition, TTF became the first organization in the world to sign the Electronic Waste Code Of EthicsTM, a global set of standards developed by Christopher Swain. The Electronic Waste (e-waste) Code Of Ethics includes a mandate to educate youth about the global problem of Electronic Waste as well as a pledge to prevent e-waste from being dumped or deposited into solid waste landfills or incinerators. It also requires signatories to ensure that their electronics are not dumped in developing countries, or processed by child and/or prison labor.

Over the last several years, in partnership with Cedarbrook Middle School and Christopher Swain, TTF has hosted Ethical Electronics Recycling EventsTM that have diverted nearly 50,000 pounds of electronic waste from landfills, incinerators, and dumps in the developing world. For more information please contact: Sarah RobbGrieco at or 215.208.1613. For more information on the Electronic Waste Code of EthicsTM, please visit:

Below are a few pictures from the event. You can view more in this Facebook photo album and this Flickr set.


E-waste Drive 12/4/10 35

E-waste Drive 12/4/10 14

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