Philadelphia City Council Calls for Ban on Gas Drilling — 2 Comments

  1. My family and I live in Westfield, Tioga County. The gas drilling is an unsupervised, and unregulated nightmare. The streams and creeks in our area have scores of dead fish, and some even have that rainbow-like slick you often see on gas station lots.
    We are currently looking for another home, somewhere outside of the Marcellus Shale area. I truly feel sorry for anyone and any town that is downstate from this mess. I know that it is all about the money, and it always will be. It is a shame we are willing to destroy our health, and our lifestyles and maybe even the lives of our children and grandchildren for a few magic beans.

  2. Lisa, We are so saddened to hear about your family’s experience. In our work as watershed protectors and educators, we see a lot of environmental problems, but natural gas drilling may very well eclispse them all. We are extremely concerned about the environmental degradation that comes with fracking. It is really scary to think about all the damage that is being done and even more scary to think about how much worse it could get! We wish you and your family luck in finding a new home away from the drilling. Thank you for speaking out about your experience and lending a personal voice to our blog. Those of us who are lucky enough to be a little removed from the drilling at this point need to hear more stories like yours.