Singing Group in our Watershed Looking for Song Ideas

Julie Slavet
Feb 3, 2011

Two of a Kind, a Cheltenham-based singing duo, is looking for ideas for a new song. Since they are based in the TTF watershed, maybe some of you would like to suggest a TTF watershed song? See the contest info below and check out Two of a Kind’s upcoming performances on their website!

A Song Idea Contest!!

We’re getting ready to record a new CD, and we want to hear YOUR ideas for a new song.

We encourage kids and adults to send us their ideas, and we will turn the winning entry into a song that we will record on our new CD. Ideas can be as little as a word or a title, or as big as a whole detailed story. Ideas can be funny, serious, silly, poignant or otherwise – whatever you think would make a good song! The deadline is February 25, 2011. Send us your ideas by email:

There will be no charge for entering the contest, but we do encourage donations toward our next CD. As you may be aware, making a recording is expensive, so here’s an opportunity to be a “patron of the arts”. We will be setting up a way for people to donate through the web in the near future, so look for more info coming soon in the Two of a Kind Newsletter!

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