What You Need to Know About Natural Gas Production

Julie Slavet
Feb 4, 2011

Note: The following post is from TTF’s newest team member, Abby Grosslein, who is our terrific new intern from Arcadia University. Read more about Abby on our staff page. Read about on her reactions to the TEDX film, What You Need to Know About Natural Gas Production, below.

What You Need to Know About Natural Gas Production
is the type of video you don’t want to watch but really need to. People don’t understand the implications of our current energy extraction. Natural gas is something that we think of as coming out of nowhere; something that “they” are telling us is safe. “We use only water, soap and guar gum,” they say, but even that is a false statement when there are carcinogens in our soaps and other cosmetic products [The Story of Cosmetics, The Story of Stuff Project]. We’re becoming a society where nothing is safe and where nothing is true. I think the main point of this video is that we have a right to know what exactly is going on. Don’t let the gas companies tell you that they’re stimulating the ground when they’re really injecting chemicals to create man-made mini earthquakes. Natural gas drilling is a dirty, long, polluting process that is equating country air and land with urban levels of toxins. I understand that our country needs to be less dependent on foreign energy, but we have to be conscious about the effects that local energy has on our country. We should only be happy about local energy if it’s safe for us.

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