Don’t Let Spring Cleaning Stop at Your Indoor Spaces!

Julie Slavet
Apr 5, 2011

This past weekend, Lesley and I joined with Reverend Williams and a group of 30-40 volunteers to participate in Mayor Nutter’s Philly Spring Clean-Up 2011. In bright orange vests, we split into smaller groups and raked, swept, and picked up trash and recyclable items along Belfield Avenue, Washington Lane, and Duval Street (at least; there may have been one or two more sites). The garbage pick-up came before we could do a total count, but I would guess there were at least 30 if not 40 bags; at least one per volunteer. We also found a couple tires, a plastic drawer, and I can say that I found five bags worth of recyclables on Duval Street and disposed of them at Arcadia with the help of Mike Saloma and the Grounds Guys (should be a band, ha ha). It was a gorgeous day to beautify the streets. To learn more about this project, check out this video:

To get involved in upcoming activities like this, go to Thanks and happy spring cleaning!

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