Messages In Motion Helps TTF and Partners Produce Videos

Julie Slavet
May 23, 2011

We just completed our four week workshop with Messages in Motion and residents of our Germantown/East Mt. Airy Model Neighborhood. Participants in the course made short videos about topics near and dear to their hearts.

Lesley and I made a short film about how dumping and pollution affect our waterways. We hope it’s just the start of environmental videos from TTF and our partners. Some notes about this film: it is meant to be provocative. We wanted to convey that everyone’s actions affect our waterways. Water departments around the country work really hard to clean the water so that it is drinkable but our actions make their work harder and more costly. If we didn’t have these hardworking folks working to clean our water, it would come out of our taps looking like it does at the end of our video. We all have a responsibility to keep our water clean. Also, for people who think that they can opt-out of this system by purchasing bottled water instead, please know that bottled water comes from our waterways as well! Also, bottled water isn’t as heavily regulated as municipal tap water.

No Dumping by Lesley and Katie:

Check out some of the other videos made by participants in this workshop below. Once all of the videos are completed, we’ll be hosting a screening, so stay tuned for more info!

Save Our Children by Carolyn:

Blindy Obey Liberty by Kenyatta:

Politics of Unemployment by Garret:

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and especially to Laura Deutch of Messages in Motion, who facilitated the program!

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