TTF Tree Tenders Meet & Greet

Julie Slavet
Feb 29, 2012

TTF recently hosted the first-ever Tookany/Tacony-Frankford watershed area Tree Tenders meet and greet. This event provided an opportunity for tree enthusiasts to meet each other, learn about their watershed, and hear about exciting new programs from PHS.

Speakers at the program included Julie Slavet, TTF’s Executive Director; Steph Clymer, TTF’s AmeriCorps VISTA and Community Liaison; and Mindy Maslin, Project Manager for the PHS Tree Tenders program. Attendees came from all over the TTF watershed, representing Environmental Advisory Committees and Tree Tenders groups. The evening started with an introduction by Julie Slavet and a watershed lesson by Steph Clymer. After Mindy Maslin discussed the many ways trees are being planted in Philadelphia, the floor was open for comments and a Q&A session.

LaSalle TT Meet and Greet

During the session we identified the need to have a guide to identifying tree planting opportunities in the watershed. There are many ways to plant trees in the Philadelphia area, and many organizations and programs to help you. In order to help you navigate your way through these options, here is some additional information.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society runs the Tree Tenders program to provide training and support for community tree planting efforts. In Philadelphia, applications for street or yard trees are accepted through your local Tree Tenders group. Street trees are free and are planted by Tree Tenders groups during the fall and spring plantings. Yard trees for you to plant yourself cost $10 (free for Tree Tenders graduates) and come with a hand trowel. For questions about Tree Tenders in Philadelphia, contact Mindy Maslin. For information about PHS tree planting programs in the counties surrounding Philadelphia, contact Barley Van Clief.

TreePhilly is a program of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation that provides free yard trees for Philadelphia property owners who are willing to pick up their tree at a distribution event and plant it on their own. TreePhilly’s goal is to plant 15,000 new trees in the City in 2012, working to increase the tree canopy of Philadelphia to 30%. The website also includes forms to contact the City to request a street tree to be planted in front of your home or for street tree maintenance. For more information, contact Erica Smith Fichman.

Community groups in Philadelphia are also working with the TreePhilly program to identify locations (such as empty tree pits or open planting strips) suitable for street tree plantings. Trees will then be planted by City contractors. If you are interested in getting involved in street tree surveying in West Oak Lane, contact TTF.

TreeVitalize is a program committed to providing funding to restore tree cover in metropolitan areas across Pennsylvania. This includes street tree and riparian buffer plantings organized by homeowner associations, watershed groups, land trusts, municipalities, and schools. For information about applying for TreeVitalize funding in Montgomery County, contact the Montgomery County Conservation District.

All of these planting initiatives are part of the Plant One Million campaign that includes Philadelphia and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Philly Tree Map is an online database documenting trees in the greater Philadelphia region. Use this site to find out about trees in your area or to add trees that you’re planting.

If you have any other tree-related questions, don’t hesitate to call us!

Thanks to all of our fellow tree-planters in the area, keep up the good work!

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