Storm Drain Marking in Wyncote

Julie Slavet
Mar 19, 2012

Social Action and Social Change - Storm Drain Marking 4

TTF recently led fifteen Arcadia University students in marking over twenty storm drains in Wyncote in Cheltenham Township. These storm drain markers serve to remind people that our storm drains are not trash cans! They are designed to carry water away in the form of rain or snow melt. In some parts of the Philadelphia area, these drains lead to a sewage treatment plant, but in other areas these drains lead directly to our streams and rivers. When your car leaks oil or your pet goes on the lawn or your neighbor flicks a cigarette butt on the ground, it doesn’t just go on the ground. All of these forms of pollution end up washing into the nearest storm drain when it rains. Help keep our waterways clean by making sure trash and other pollutants stay out of our storm drains!

Contact TTF if you’d like to get out this spring and mark some storm drains in your neighborhood!

Use these links to find out what else you can do to promote clean water as a resident, school, or business. For more information about stormwater management in Cheltenham Township, check out this site.

Social Action and Social Change - Storm Drain Marking 6

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