Community Members Help Shape the Lower Northeast District Plan

Julie Slavet
Apr 16, 2012

Did you know that in the last 10 years, the Lower Northeast was the 4th fastest growing district in Philadelphia? Or that in 1684, German settlers founded Frankford along the Frankford Creek? This settlement’s main street (what’s now Frankford Avenue) was originally a Native American trail and later became the King’s Highway, which ran from South Carolina to Massachusetts.

Currently, residents of this area of Philadelphia are looking to attract more businesses and make their neighborhoods safer. The Philadelphia City Planning Commission hosted a community meeting at Friends Hospital to collect input from residents, business owners, and property owners. Participants talked about making the area more walkable, decreasing crime, adding street lighting, cleaning up litter, and turning local parks into community assets. TTF was excited to participate in this event, since clean and safe neighborhoods and healthy watersheds go hand-in-hand! The information from this meeting will be compiled and included in the future development plans for the area.

Lower Northeast District Plan - Making Our Mark

A staff member from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission labels a map of the Lower Northeast with community input.

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