LOVE Your Park Tacony Creek Park Clean-Up A Success!

Julie Slavet
May 17, 2012

This past Saturday morning, Tacony Creek Park got some much needed LOVE from dozens of volunteers of all ages. Tacony Creek Park is this year’s signature park for LOVE Your Park Week, which made both TTF and the creek very happy! The volunteers, led by staff from Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, the Fairmount Park Conservancy, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, helped cultivate and mulch tree pits, pick up trash, mulch the path, and cut back invasive species at the park entrance at 5100 Tabor Ave.

Love Your Park Spring 2012 -- Planting
Volunteers planted flowers around the sign to brighten things up a bit

Check out more photos here!

The mature trees in this entrance to the Tacony Creek Park are excellent buffers for stormwater runoff from the street. Before the water can get to the creek, the trees soak up much of the rainwater and filter out many pollutants. TTF helps plant and tend trees with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) because they are an inexpensive and effective stormwater management tool. They do, however, need to be maintained and kept healthy — which is why trees are so much happier when they don’t have to compete with weeds, and when mulch is used to insulate and moisten their roots! To learn more about the benefits of trees, click here.

TTF will continue to work towards making Tacony Creek Park a resource for the community for walking, bicycling, picnicking, nature-watching, and learning. Nearly everyone driving by the park on Saturday looked over and some people honked their horns in support. Maybe next year we’ll have a “HONK if You LOVE Your Park!” sign!

There’s still time to celebrate your Philadelphia parks! Click here to learn more and join TTF for a rain garden workshop with PHS and a garden party in Vernon Park!

To get involved in tree planting or tending in Philadelphia, please contact 215-844-8100 or email Abby Grosslein

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