Congratulations Roots to Reentry Class of 2012!

Julie Slavet
Jun 26, 2012

Recently, family and friends of The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS)’s Roots to Reentry participants arrived at Friends Hospital to celebrate. Although the sun was shining, the graduation ceremony took place in the auditorium with window views of green trees, lawns, and flowers–all tended by the graduates.

Drew Bacher, president of PHS, welcomed the graduates’ family and friends as well as the partners and staff in the audience.

Philadelphia Prisons Commissioner Louis Giorla congratulated the graduates on their success and promised that the program would only get better in the future with more ideas, opportunities, and support.

The Scattergood Foundation’s Joe Pyle recognized the graduates’ role in restoring the appearance of Friends Hospital and reminded them that they must always be proud of their work and know that they can always say that this landscape is theirs.

The certificates were distributed by Commissioner Giorla, Mr. Bacher, and Travis, one of the graduates’ crew leaders. A picture was taken with each graduate, giving family and friends time to snap their own memories and whoop appreciation. Mr. Bacher thanked the families, noting that the graduates would not have done quite so well without their unconditional love and support.

TTF would like to congratulate the Roots to Reentry class of 2012. It was fun and rewarding to teach watershed lessons to this fantastic group. We know they will succeed in whatever they chose to do.

To see photos from the event, please click here.

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