ASPIRA volunteers survey 1,224 properties in West Oak Lane!

Julie Slavet
Aug 3, 2012

On a beautiful breezy Tuesday, a group from the Hunting Park branch of ASPIRA came out to West Oak Lane to help TTF survey neighborhoods where the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) can plant trees.

Volunteers are ready to go!Volunteers pose at the Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology before heading out!

The goal of the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation’s TreePhilly initiative is to achieve 30% tree canopy in the city. TTF is proud to be a partner of TreePhilly, surveying properties where PPR can plant trees. Trees absorb and filter gallons of stormwater each time it rains, helping to clean the water that winds up in our creeks. To learn more about the benefits of trees, click here.

Using spreadsheets provided by PPR, our volunteers walked four neighborhoods of West Oak Lane, checking the area between the curb and the sidewalk for empty tree pits, stumps, live trees, and overhead wires. Taking only a short break for lunch, they powered through pages and pages of addresses like bookworms in a library, surveying a total of 1,224 properties in three hours!

A volunteer checks how much they have left to finish.One of the volunteers checks the group’s progress.

TTF would like to thank ASPIRA for volunteering with us. The Hunting Park neighborhood is a focus area in our watershed where we are working with the Philadelphia Water Department and PPR to engage the community in exciting stream and trail restoration projects in nearby Tacony Creek Park.

TTF would also like to thank the Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology (PCAT) for hosting our event.

Please join us on Saturday August 18 from 9:30 a.m. till noon to survey areas of West Oak Lane near the Simons Recreation Center at 7200 Woolston Avenue in Philadelphia PA 19138. Meet there for some breakfast and then help us find even more places to plant trees! Please RSVP to or call us at 215-844-8100. You can also find more volunteer events on our Events page.

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