Just Survey It: These Volunteers Did!

Julie Slavet
Aug 24, 2012

Who was tree surveying this time? 

After a hearty breakfast of donated bagels, cream cheese and OJ, volunteers from Philadelphia’s Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church and Central High School hit the streets to survey over five hundred properties near the Simons Recreation Center for places where the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department (PPR) can plant more trees.

The group poses after a morning of surveying

Why were they doing this project? 

These volunteers are working with the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF) as part of our partnership with PPR’s TreePhilly program to find places to plant trees in West Oak Lane. Tree surveying is a simple process that involves walking through neighborhoods to find tree pits. Volunteers walk each block and note if there’s a live or dead tree,  stump, empty tree pit, and overhead wires at each street address.

Volunteers check out a spot

Don’t we have enough trees? 

There are some trees but we want more! The goal of PPR’s TreePhilly program is to increase the city’s tree canopy to 30%. Trees provide shade that cools streets and houses. We support tree planting efforts like this one across our watershed because trees decrease stormwater runoff and pollutants. Learn more about why trees are good for us here.

TTF would like to thank Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Central High School, and The Pizza Village IV for helping us out at this event. We couldn’t do such great work in the community without partners like you!

That looks like fun! Can I help with tree surveying? 

It IS fun and yes, you can help! If you’re a student, teacher, parent, block captain or just someone who loves trees and wants to beautify your neighborhood, call 215-844-8100 or email abby@ttfwatershed.org!

Schedule a tree surveying event in your own neighborhood!

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