TTF and La Salle University Complete West Oak Lane Tree Surveying

Julie Slavet
Oct 3, 2012

On Saturday, TTF and over 50 La Salle University student volunteers through their Day of Service, surveyed trees in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane neighborhood. In partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR)‘s TreePhilly program to meet Philadelphia’s goal of increased tree canopy, TTF identifies appropriate planting locations. Tree surveying involves walking through neighborhoods, finding and documenting potential tree locations for future tree planting.

TTF cares about trees because their long leafy branches protect our watershed and its inhabitants by cleaning the air and water, reducing flooding and energy usage, and moderating temperatures. Trees also bring benefits to the community including shade, increased property values and peace of mind.

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TTF staff explains tree surveying to La Salle University volunteers

Browse through more West Oak Lane tree surveying pictures here.

Thanks to our energetic volunteers, a total of 2,382 properties were surveyed. Saturday’s surveying marked the completion of our West Oak Lane tree surveying initiative! The data will be submitted to and reviewed by PPR, which will plant the trees.

We would like to thank all our tree surveying volunteers, especially La Salle University, Arcadia University, the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Reverend Chester Williams and the Chew and Belfield Neighbors Association, ASPIRA Hunting Park and Central High School. Our volunteers continue to amaze and inspire, and we could not do our great work without them! Find out how you can get involved here.

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