TTF Joins Cheltenham EAC For Parkview Buffer Planting

Julie Slavet
Nov 2, 2012

On October 27, over 25 volunteers planted native species along the Tookany Creek in Cheltenham’s Parkview Park. This planting expanded upon the existing riparian buffer. TTF staff talked to volunteers and community members about our work, demonstrated planting techniques, and assisted in the planting.

Volunteers planted over 500 shrubs and trees alongside the creek. Volunteers included members of the Cheltenham EAC, Abington EAC, Environmental Protection Agency, and students from Cedarbrook Middle School and Arcadia University.

Parkview Riparian Buffer Planting
Volunteers show off the trash they picked up

As part of International Coastal Cleanup Day sponsored by the the Ocean Conservancy, volunteers picked up trash that littered the creekside area. Litter is a huge problem in our watershed parks —  it is important that we take action to prevent this litter from getting into our creeks.

Learn more about watershed challenges here.

Parkview Riparian Buffer Planting
Volunteers with buffer plants

Expanding buffer zones improves the the watershed because vegetation along the shoreline slows down and absorbs stormwater runoff, while also stabilizing the creek bed. By slowing down water running over land, buffers help pollutants and sediments drop out of the water– making the water cleaner when it enters the creek.

To learn more about buffers, visit TTF’s Riparian Buffer page here.

If you want to volunteer, here’s how to Get Involved.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in this planting. You hard work and positive attitudes made this a success.  We’re so excited to see our dedicated volunteers coming out to help!

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