The Downstream Effects of “Dear Governor Cuomo”

Julie Slavet
Feb 7, 2013

TTF staff recently attended a screening of the film Dear Governor Cuomo hosted by the Unitarian Society of Germantown. Protecting our Waters director and activist Iris Marie Bloom attended, along with many of her volunteers. The film combines footage of a concert organized by Water Defense to raise awareness about hydraulic fracturing in New York State, providing facts and figures about this controversial process.

Hydraulic fracturing is a method of extracting fossil fuels in which wells are dug into shale deposits to release the stored natural gas (methane) stored. Although the evidence is inconclusive, there have been instances of methane polluting drinking water supplies, causing sickness in both humans and animals. Land value depreciation has also occurred in many states where fracking is present.

Right here in Pennsylvania we are facing danger to our water through the use of “fracking” technology in natural gas extraction.

Dear Governor Cuomo
Photo from Dear Governor Cuomo by Jessica Riehl

The film weaves songs performed by artists and musicians including Natalie Merchant with readings by Sandy Steinberger and others effected by fracking, quotes from Governor Cuomo and Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell University scientist and fracking researcher.  Dear Governor Cuomo features a variety of images: fracking wells, farmhouses, radioactive signs on waste barrels, tractor trailers driving through town and country around the clock, and an iconic fireball from a kitchen sink faucet.

Dear Governor Cuomo
Mark Ruffalo, Actor and anti-fracking activist in Dear Governor Cuomo. Photo by Jessica Riehl

Drilling operations may seem a long distance away from Philadelphia, but across our state there are already nearly 9,000 wells already. The Marcellus Shale sits underneath almost half of the area from which Philadelphia gets it drinking water. This means that we should be concerned about its effects downstream.  We encourage you to learn more about fracking and the effect it has on our water, our health, our lives.

At TTF, we are concerned about any activities that could affect the health of our water. The protection of water resources is a hot topic around the world — many people concerned that water could become the next big conflict-causing resource, like oil. Keeping water clean is so important – we all use it.

For ways you can improve the TTF watershed, visit our “What You Can Do” page.

– Abby Grosslein, VISTA Tree Campaign Organizer

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