Ernst Helps TTF “Plant” the Native Seed Need!

Julie Slavet
Aug 11, 2013

A big “Thank You!” to Ernst Conservation Seeds for their second thoughtful, generous donation of three pounds of Black-eyed Susan seeds to assist TTF with conservation efforts in our watershed! Ernst is a wonderful, unique company whose mission statement says it all: “…to make available to eastern and North America the key native and naturalized species of plants for restoration, reclamation, conservation, wildlife and pollinator habitat enhancement, renewable biomass energy, and the beautification of our nation.” 

We have used the donated seeds both in our riparian buffer and rain garden projects, as well as in the seed packets we hand out at events. Our projects look lovely because of these vibrant yellow flowers. And our free seed packets are a popular item at events, helping us to educate our young and old alike about the importance of native plants!

Intern Amanda with Ernst Seeds
Intern Amanda Bustamante shows off seed packets.

The native environment is important to the health of our watershed.  Native plants offer benefits to the environment that their competitors may diminish. Not only do they make our projects more beautiful, they offer functionality such as erosion control and increased habitat for native pollinators. Native plants, like Black-eyed Susans, absorb and filter rainwater. They are an essential addition to any stormwater management project.

Learn more about native plants on our website here.

Olney Rain Garden
Black-eyed Susans flourish in the Olney Recreation Center rain garden.

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