Cheltenham EAC Continues to Protect Creek with Parkview Planting

Julie Slavet
Nov 5, 2013

The Cheltenham Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) took another step towards enhancing the health of the watershed with a riparian buffer planting in late October. The Cheltenham EAC has installed buffers throughout their township every year.

Volunteers from Cedarbrook Middle School, Abington Junior High School, Bux-Mont Community Service Youth, TTF, neighbors and community members planted over 300 trees and shrubs as well as clearing out invasive species and debris, and installing deer fencing.
Parkview Planting Many of the volunteers had participated in the Abington buffer planting earlier in the month. It is so encouraging to see this commitment to watershed stewardship, especially from young people! These watershed leaders get the message that our waterways need protection.

Chris Carrington, an Abington High School 10th grader, was one of the first to arrive and stayed until the last plant was in the ground. “I am in the H2O club at school, so I know this is important for clean water,” Chris replied when asked what compelled him to volunteer.

Parkview Planting

NAM Planning and Design designed these buffers and Collins Nursery provided the native plants.

This unnamed tributary was targeted as an area that would benefit from a buffer, due to the residential development as well roadways surrounding the stream. The plants will soak up the fertilizers, oils, detergents, anti-freeze, and other substances that would otherwise enter directly into the stream. They will also catch the sediments and excess yard clippings before they reach the stream and destroy habitat.

Parkview Planting

“People come out and leave feeling like they’ve really accomplished something,” said Nancy Minich of NAM Planning as she scooped out homemade desserts for volunteers who were taking a break.  There’s always time for laughs and a feeling of a shared mission and accomplishment at buffer plantings.

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