North 5th Street YPN Community Champions = Watershed Heroes

Julie Slavet
Aug 25, 2014

By: Jason Rodriguez, North 5th Street Revitalization Project/Philadelphia Youth Network Intern

Did you know there are two types of sewers running through the City of Philadelphia?! And get this: native plants are better than grass?!

Recently, my fellow Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) interns and I got together through the North 5th Street Revitalization Project to learn all these cool facts about the TTF Watershed Partnership and how they assist with maintaining the watershed. We were all excited to add this wealth of information to our toolbelt of knowledge. We’ve spent this summer learning about Philadelphia and how WE can become community champions.N. 5th Street Stormdrain Marking

It was so interesting to learn all the details about our water system. Did you know a watershed is all of the land that drains rainwater into a particular body of water? We also learned about storm drains — they connect to our creek, which leads to the Delaware River where some of our drinking water comes from!

Throughout the city of Philadelphia we have storm drains that flow to our waterways — but people throw trash in the drains and it blocks the flow, or even worse, the trash flows into our water. My fellow interns and I spent the day marking storm drains in hope of making the Olney community aware that: trash in our storm drains is trash in our water.

Now we aren’t only just community champions but we are also watershed heroes!!

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