Urban Waters: New Rain Garden Blooms at Friends Hospital

Robin Irizarry
Sep 18, 2014

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, PowerCorps PHL and TTF worked together to construct a brand new rain garden at Friends Hospital. This was the final hands-on training program as part of the Urban Waters project, a joint effort among TTF, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), and GreenTreks Network, made possible through a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Rain Garden at Friends Hospital

Built alongside the drive leading up to the Scattergood building, this shallow garden will capture rain water from the road.  Rain will now run into a rock lined swale, to then be directed into the level basin of the rain garden.  Planted with a variety of native and ornamental plants, the plants will help soak rain water through their roots, as well as provide food and habitat for local insects and birds.  The garden design features white blooming flowers, which will grow into a quiet, calming scene.

While the garden is intended to be a pretty sight to view, its primary role is to intercept storm water before it gets to storm drains, which flow directly to the creek.  This allows pollutants and debris to be trapped, as well as reducing the volume of water flowing into Tacony Creek during a heavy storm.

Rain Garden at Friends Hospital

Be sure to check out the garden! For more information on rain gardens, their function and how you can create one yourself, visit our webpage, at www.ttfwatershed.org

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