Rain Barrels Come to Juniata Park

Julie Slavet
Nov 11, 2014

By Doug Kripke, TTF Intern

Residents of Juniata Park recently gathered at the Boys and Girls Club to learn how to cut down both their water bills and storm water runoff at a workshop organized by TTF and the Wooden Boat Factory. The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) are providing free rain barrels to residents of Philadelphia, in order to reduce stormwater flows to the city’s sewer system and creeks.

Rain barrels collect up to 55 gallons of water from the downspout of a roof’s gutter system.  Residents can then use this water at a later time for outdoor needs, such as watering their garden or washing their car, instead of paying for water from the hose.

11/5/14: Rain Barrel Workshop

The twenty plus residents asked a lot of questions about: the pressure of the rain barrel water, location of downspouts, the ground surface required around the downspout, and other specific home concerns.

Zachary Popkin of PHS presented the workshop, explaining how rain barrels are important to helping the city manage rain water, reducing sewage overflows.  “Green infrastructure provides a triple benefit,” Zachary explained, “of social, environmental, and economic improvements.” Green infrastructure reduces pollution, improves public health and the health of our streams, improving our quality of life and city property values. At the end of the workshop, six attendees signed up to schedule their rain barrel installation!

Interested in attending a rain barrel workshop in your neighborhood? Visit here to sign up.

If you’d like to host a rain barrel workshop in your community or would like to learn more about green infrastructure in your neighborhood, contact Robin at robin@ttfwatrshed.org/215-744-1853

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