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Jon Musselman
Dec 5, 2014

TTF and dozens of other regional partners are hard at work to grow the network of bicycle and pedestrian trails all across the Greater Philadelphia area known as The Circuit.


We joined with other Circuit partners for an update at the Sem-Annual Circuit member and partner meeting last month hosted by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC). 

Click here for a recap of the meeting.


Philadelphia Parks & Recreation‘s Tacony Creek trail in Philadelphia is a new, key link in the Circuit, which now boasts 300 miles of completed trails, aiming to increase that to 750 miles of interconnected trails. Recreational trails are at the top of the wish list for communities all across southeastern Pennsylvania. Organizations from across nine county region have been collaborating to not only build the vision of a Circuit network, but also to secure funding from government and private partners to design and build new trails.

Latinas in Motion hit the trails for a morning run!

Since May 2015, when the Coalition was started with the assistance of the William Penn Foundation, the network has expanded greatly, 50 new miles of trails have opened, and dozens of projects are in the pipeline.

Team Simple Cycle rode the trail to get to our Love Your Park tree planting & cleanup!

As a Circuit partner, TTF is working hard across our watershed in Philadelphia and Montgomery County. We are especially excited about working with the city of Philadelphia on the Frankford Greenway which will link the Tacony Creek Trail to the East Coast Greenway along the Delaware River. Riders and runners will be able to follow the creek all the way from Cheltenham Township through Olney, Feltonville, Juniata Park, Frankford, and Port Richmond, where the creek meets the Delaware River.

Community members enjoying the trail during our monthly nature walk “Nature’s Hidden Surprises”

For more information on The Circuit visit here. For nore information on our programs in Tacony Creek Park visit here.

See you on the Circuit soon!

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