Fall Interns Share Energy & Skills with TTF

Julie Slavet
Dec 6, 2014

This fall, TTF welcomed seven (WOW!) mostly new interns coming to us from local universities including Arcadia and Temple, as well as Springfield Township High School. Interns help us maximize community outreach, prepare for events, and research important topics. We’re grateful to have so many hard working young people devote their time, energy, and skills to the critical goal of watershed improvement!

Intern Emilie Wetzel at Love Your Park 2014

Read about our interns:

Alyssa Ard is a student at Springfield Township High School on course to graduate next June. Alyssa has been a stalwart TTF event intern for quite a while now! She has been dually enrolled at Montgomery County Community College since 2012. She’s interested in: civil and environmental engineering, softball, German, politics, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, mathematics and physics.

Alex Hoxsie holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Temple University. Alex is interested in working with TTF because he’s concerned about watershed issues in Pennsylvania (particularly as it relates to stormwater) and is excited by Philadelphia’s green infrastructure solution. He’s also interested in using planning and design to address watershed issues in an ecologically responsible and aesthetically pleasing manner. As a TTF intern, Alex is hoping to learn how best to utilize available resources and public support to implement long term, responsible solutions that simultaneously benefit immediate neighbors, greater Philadelphia, and the ecological health of the region.

Doug Kripke graduated from the University of Michigan‘s College of Engineering with a focus on Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences. As a TTF intern, Doug is interested in exploring the reliance of sustainable urban systems on community cooperation and how cooperation can be successfully achieved with a range of socioeconomic communities combined with preexisting infrastructure challenges. He’s doing great work helping with our Streamkeepers program reporting.

Allison Osterag possesses a Master in Landscape Architecture from Temple University. One of her Landscape Architecture studios focused on Rock Creek, a tributary of the Tookany… she met ED Julie Slavet at a community meeting about the project. She also met us at Tree Tenders trainings at PHS, Delaware River Urban Waters meetings, and the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association’s Water Quality Workshop. With all this exposure to TTF, she heard about our projects and wanted to learn more about the organization. As a TTF intern, Allison hopes to better understand how TTF works and get involved with our projects. She love birds and hiking, so she thinks helping with nature walks and developing our birding guide is lots of fun!

Nathan Sienkiewcz is sophomore Biology student at Arcadia University. His interests lie in conservation and environmental studies. He became interested in TTF after Alex Cooper, Community Watershed Specialist (Upstream), presented a stream monitoring lesson to his class. As a TTF intern, Nathan would love to contribute his time to helping our cause. Nate was a hard worker at our recent Backyard planting day.
Nathan at our Backyards with Buffers planting
Richard Vereneck is a Richard Stockton College of New Jersey graduate. Recently, Richard worked with the Cherry Hill Trail Crew creating new paths through its forests and along its streams. He’s passionate about the importance of the vitality of the environment (i.e. water sources), especially here in Philadelphia where environmental education is minimal and public outreach can be improved. As a TTF intern, he wants to learn about the relationship between the community and its water supply. Richard helps with a variety of projects (and brings us delicious treats).
Welcome, interns! Interns and staff to get to know one another
Emilie Wetzel graduated from St. Lawrence University with a B.S. in Conservation Biology and a Minor in Outdoor Studies. She feels that interning at TTF will be a perfect way to get involved in her new community while also contributing to a healthier environment. As a TTF intern, Emilie is eager to help out at community events and assist in research projects. Watch out for her blogs!

Interested in interning with TTF? Visit our Intern page to learn more! TTF is committed to providing a supportive and educational internship experience. Questions? Contact Julie Slavet at julie@ttfwatershed.org/215.744.1853.

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