Glenside Elementary: Classroom to Creek Connection

Julie Slavet
May 8, 2015

By Alex Cooper, TTF Community Watershed Specialist

Here at TTF, we know that all of our creek and green stormwater infrastructure projects are outdoor classrooms. In April, Community Watershed Specialist Alex Cooper met with Glenside Elementary School teachers to discuss how our work to improve the quality of our watershed can enhance their curricula and activities.










The location of Glenside Elementary right next to the Tookany Creek provides a valuable opportunity for teachers to take their classes outside for a watershed health lesson! In 2009, TTF worked with our partners to plant an award winning buffer behind the school along the creek. Buffers help absorb stormwater to slow flooding, prevent bank erosion, and keep fertilizers, salt, trash and other pollutants out of the creek.



Glenside fourth grade teachers are especially excited to work with us as a resource for the upcoming year, because the water cycle is a central part of the curriculum. We look forward to working with teachers, students, and parents!

Even if your school doesn’t have access to a creek, we have plenty of resources to get your students excited about water conservation and watershed issues. We can provide lesson plans or community service opportunities to supplement environmental curricula. We can even provide teacher-training workshops to get your school started!

For more information, check out Resources for Schools on our website or contact Alex Cooper at for more information.

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