Watershed Milestone 2015 Thank You: Sponsors, Donors & Partiers! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Julie,
    About the art I lent to the cause…..I would like to donate them to your office. Mainly because your office needs them and secondly they are images from the Delaware River taken by me and produced by me, a Globe artist!
    Seriously, they would look great in your office and they have a total value of $900 if you need to write up a receipt but more importantly It is a way for me to contribute to your important work.
    Let me know what you will do.

  2. Wow, thank you! We love the art and will get you a donation letter in a couple of weeks (we have lots going on right now). We’ll also do a thank you blog so will be in touch so we can take a photo, etc. We are so honored and touched.

    Best, Julie, Doryan, and the TTF Team

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