Summer TTF Interns: Meet Bella!

Julie Slavet
Jul 16, 2015

By TTF Intern Bella Lentz

Hi, my name is Bella Lentz and I am a summer intern here at TTF. I’m a rising sophomore at Central High School. There, I have attended a few SEAS (Student Environmental Action Society) meetings, which reinforced my interest in environmental issues. Aside from that, there have been few formal opportunities to demonstrate my interest (and quite frankly, indulge) in environmental science. Then I stumbled across TTF.

I discovered TTF after coming across an internship opportunity on the online noticeboard at my school.  Intrigued, I went to TTF’s website and  read up on their motives and objectives (“To connect people, science, and nature for a healthy Delaware River and Bay”) and decided to pursue a summer internship there. Six days later, I found myself at my first day on the job.


At TTF, I hope to further educate myself and others on what they can do to improve the quality of our streams and rivers, the importance of water conservation, and the effects of global warming on watershed quality.*

After high school, I plan on studying neuroscience, but am keeping an open mind regarding careers. Environmental issues continue to fascinate me, and I may continue to be involved even if it’s not my life’s devotion.

My interests include reading, mathematics, poetry, art, and animation. Also, I’m poised to take up fencing and the violin.

*Because the combination of melting glaciers and ice caps and expanding water molecules causes sea levels to rise, saltwater would reach farther on shore than it normally would and contaminate previously non-saline groundwater, and in doing so, also contaminates our drinking water, agricultural fields, and irrigation supplies. Also, extreme precipitation causes soil erosion along shorelines and riverbeds, which may cause the same shoreline plants that help filter pollutants to uproot or drown. Learn more about climate change and its effect on freshwater resources here, here, and here.).

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