Introducing: TTF’s new Trail Ambassadors!

Julie Slavet
Apr 12, 2016

TTF is proud to welcome our new Tacony Creek Park Trail Ambassadors to the team! We’ve asked them to introduce themselves and tell us a bit about their first week in the park. You can also follow them on Twitter at @TTF_TAs!

Pedro, left, and Jenicia, right.
Pedro, left, and Jenicia, right.

Pedro Soto:
Hello, my name is Pedro Soto and I’m one of the new Trail Ambassadors for TTF. I’m 21 and from the city of Philadelphia. I first learned of TTF through my previous job with PowerCorps. I love the mission of TTF and I’m glad to be part of the team. I’m excited to get started and to contribute to my community.

Jenicia Smith:
I am Jenicia Smith, and I am a Trail Ambassador with TTF. I’m 25 years old and a proud mother of two wonderful children. l found out about TTF from PowerCorps PHL. I was a member of PowerCorps PHL for a year and was given this opportunity to work with TTF. I am very happy to be working with TTF and learning about our watershed and the history of Tacony Creek Park. I can’t wait to get started, and I’m looking forward to being out in the park and talking to park visitors.

Pedro and Jenicia on the trail in Tacony Creek Park.
Pedro and Jenicia on the trail in Tacony Creek Park.

TTF Trail Ambassadors’ First Weekly Report:
This was our first week as Trail Ambassadors for TTF, and it has been an eventful one. We started the week doing an orientation with Robin and a walk-through of the park. Tuesday was our first solo day, so we took time to discover and explore the park at our own pace and get familiar with the trail. Both Wednesday and Thursday were spent picking up litter and cutting back grass at the Whitaker gateway. While picking up litter, we had some conversations with community members to learn how they use the park. On Friday we spent most of the morning installing trail counters to collect data on how many people actively use the trail. The latter half of the day was used to walk through the park, greet people as they walked by, and talk with them about TTF and the health of the watershed.

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