“Ask Why Not”: How Saleem Chapman Motivated The Entire SustainPHL Room

Julie Slavet
Sep 21, 2016

This guest blog by Julie Hancher first appeared here on the Green Philly website. TTF is proud to be a member of the Sustainable Business Network.

Saleem Chapman, Policy and Advocacy Manager at the Sustainable Business Network, received the inaugural SustainPHL Local Advocate award on August 18th, 2016.

However, he pumped the crowd and motivated us to get off our tails and do something more than the ordinary:

“I wouldn’t be the advocate you have believed me to be if I didn’t take this opportunity to challenge us to push further, to expand the reach of our cause. Because our success is dependent not on the changing of minds of those in high office, but a critical mass of ordinary people committing themselves to extraordinary acts of courage. And there will be a certain amount of people who will doubt their capacity to bring about change and I tell you to tell them this: Continue to do what you’ve always done, to continue to dream more, to imagine something better, to think about what lies beyond the clouds of uncertainty because what will ultimately define us, what our path for equality demands is that we do not simply look at the way the world is and ask why but that we look at the way the world should be and ask why not.


To watch the video of Saleem Chapman’s full SustainPHL speech, click here.

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