Our First Eco-Friendly Backyards Workshop!

Emilie Wetzel
Mar 8, 2017

Guest blog written by TTF Intern, Halana Dash

Eco-Friendly Backyards WorkshopA few Saturdays ago, TTF hosted an Eco-Friendly Backyards Workshop at the Elkins Park Train Station in partnership with Friends of High School Park (FHSP), Wyncote Audubon, Sustainable Cheltenham, and Primex Garden Center. We were thrilled to have over 50 people join us!

TTF’s Community Watershed Specialist, Alex Cooper, designed the workshop in response to two common requests that TTF receives: citizen interest in doing something to improve the creek, and requests for education on erosion, native plant use, swampy backyards, standing water, and more. A backyards workshop was a perfect fit to teach people how to be involved in the health of the creek on their own property, and to provide guidance on practical issues that people are interested in.

Friends of High School Park’s Restoration Manager, Kevin Reis, began the workshop with a presentation on some of those practical issues. Using his own landscape designs, he discussed the best ways to incorporate rain barrels, native plants, and buffers into backyards. His most important piece of advice, however, was to acknowledge that each backyard is different, so it is a good idea to have a specialist take a look before designing the best plan for your space. Kevin also provided blank worksheets and materials for participants to begin to work on ideas for their property.                                
The first Eco-Friendly Backyards Workshop was very successful, and we hope to host more events like it in the future to improve the health of our creek and citizens! In the meantime, check out our Backyard Buffers video, Kevin Reis’ presentation, and our Creekside Buffer and Backyard Plant Guide for more information on how to make your yard eco-friendly. Thank you again to everyone who joined us!

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