Where the Birds Are: Nesting season in Tacony Creek Park

Emilie Wetzel
Jun 5, 2017

Blog by Robin Irizarry, TTF’s Philadelphia Watershed Coordinator
Two bald eagles soared over the Tabor Rd and Olney Avenue gateway of Tacony Creek Park as we welcomed everyone to our bird walk last month. One of the eagles was later chased low over the creek by a grackle. Rain came in brief patches, but between the showers we had some great sightings. What we initially thought was another eastern kingbird at the top of a tree, turned out to be an olive-sided flycatcher, a pretty neat sighting for the day and a first for Tacony Creek Park.
We ventured all the way up past Adams Avenue, where we found a blue gray gnatcatcher on her nest. We finished the walk back at Tabor Road. Just as we arrived back at our cars, a Loon flew past high over the park. Spring migration is an exciting time — you never know what to expect!
Thanks to Keith Russell from Audubon PA for leading our adventure and to everyone who stuck with us through the rain. I think we were rewarded nicely for our efforts!
Love nature? Come out for a walk in Tacony Creek Park sometime! Visit TCPKeepers for more information.

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